August 21 - 24, 2024

At The Cottonwood Idaho Fairgrounds

Share Your Photos of Idaho County Fair

Photos capture the essence of life.  Thats why we’re hoping to create an archive of photos throughout the years, starting in 2012.

Would you like to see your photos here at ???  Check out the home page and you’ll see a nice big photo gallery of photos that are already streaming in.

Why not share your photo memories too and provide glimpses of local traditions, 4-H fun, and enjoyment of the images you’ve captured for family, friends and community members!

You can.  Its easy.   Here’s how: is a social media photo sharing site that is very popular for saving and archiving photos and also creating fun ways to share.

At we’ve created a Group labeled “Idaho County Fair”  so everyone and anyone with a FREE account can join in on the fun by making their photos a part of the website at, forever archived and shared on the website.

How do I share my photos?

First, you need a account.   ITs FREE.   So get signed up so you can use the free photo sharing cloud to archive and save your favorite photos of EVERYTHING.

Login to your account, look for the UPLOAD PHOTOS button and start uploading your favorite and best photos.

Make sure the Idaho County Fair photos you upload to your account are set to PUBLIC so that everyone can enjoy.

NEXT,  Click on the tab labeled “GROUPS”.      In the search field, type in the words…..    Idaho County Fair  ….. then click on “SEARCH”. to share Idaho County Fair photos

Click on the title for the group labeled Idaho County Fair, which will show up as  the group near the top of the list.   (See illustration below.   )Search the group "Idaho County Fair"

Join the group and start to upload up to 6 photos per day to the group (Flickr rules limit photos to 6 per day).

Your photos will automatically stream onto the home page at

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