August 21 - 24, 2024

At The Cottonwood Idaho Fairgrounds

Idaho County Fair News

Dear Idaho County Fair fans.

You’ll notice a big change to the 2020 Idaho County Fair website. As a gesture of support to the 4H Programs and the Idaho County Fair, we have received a total upgrade to

Now you can view on your mobile phone and tablets without straining your eyes or trying to get things to fit proportionally. The website is mobile responsive and adheres to modern standards and protocols when surfing the internet.

We’re also announcing the theme and dates for the 2020 Idaho County Fair.

Date: August 19-22, 2020 (Wednesday through Saturday)
Theme:Kickin’ Up Our Boots at the Idaho County Fair!

You’ll also find that as of today’s date, we’ve updated the new Idaho County Fair Board Members and their assignments.

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