August 21 - 24, 2024

At The Cottonwood Idaho Fairgrounds

2019 Idaho County Fair | Pigtail Contest

A total of 24 Children participated in the Annual Pigtail Contest at the Idaho County Fair this year. 

Event winners and participants are as follows:

Age Group 0-3


  • 1st    Hazel Terhaar Daughter of Andy and Molly Terhaar age 3, Length 8 and 1/2 inches 


  • TIE 1st   Swayzee Forsman Daughter of Shawn and Bridget Forsmann age 2, Length 1/2 inches. 
  • TIE 1st   Vivian Harris Daughter of Vivian and Scott Harris age 3, Length 3 inches. 


  • TIE 1st   Mackenzie Sonnen Daughter of Norm and Julie Sonnen age 1, width 1/4 inch
  • TIE 1st   Aubrey Westhoff Daughter of Whitney and Kyle Westhoff age 2, width 1/4 inch
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